Survey Shows Shoppers Want Car Tech Not to Drive for Them, But Help Them Drive Better

The ISDA Secure Transportation and Executive Protection News for Thursday, July 26th, 2018

In Vehicle News

From Consumer Reports

Shoppers Want Car Tech that Helps Them Drive Better, Survey Shows

Car shoppers want advanced safety features that keep them from getting into a crash, but they’re less enthusiastic about technology that drives for them, a new Consumer Reports car safety survey shows.

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In Terrorism News

Chinese man sets off explosive outside US embassy

A 26-year-old Chinese man set off a small explosive outside the US embassy in Beijing Thursday, sending smoke into the air and injuring his hand before security officials rushed to the scene and took him into custody, police said.

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And from

The Telegraph

Greece wildfires: Death toll hits 80 as anti-terror unit launches an investigation

The death toll from a fire which ripped through a Greek coastal town stood at 80 on Wednesday as frantic relatives tried to track down people missing from the inferno and coroners began the grim task of identifying bodies.

The Greek anti-terrorist service was investigating suggestions that the blaze – one of several throughout the Attica region – was started deliberately, criminals out to ransack abandoned homes a security source said. Arson is often thought to be behind some fires in a crude attempt to clear forest land for building.

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In Security News

From USA Today

A Package Labeled ‘Anne Thrax’ Was Sent to Rep. Maxine Waters’ LA Office

Police responded to a suspicious package delivered to Rep. Maxine Waters’ district office in South Los Angeles Tuesday, that was addressed to “Anne Thrax,” according to local authorities.

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