Tactical Reminder for All Security Professionals By Duke Speed

  1. “What if” every potential scenario. The first element in the tactical triage is the mindset. Have a plan for all contingencies. Plan for the worst-case scenario.
  2. Seek out potential uses of cover and concealment. Remember, concealment is protection from view. Cover is protection from projectiles. As you move, look for areas that will lend itself to good cover and concealment so you have a tactical advantage.
  3. Use barriers and obstacles to your tactical advantage. Place barriers between you and the threat, if possible. Something as simple as a table, chair, patrol car, etc. will slow down and/or impede an advancing threat.
  4. If deadly force is warranted, fire until the threat is neutralized.
  5. Think about using “angles” to your advantage. If teaming with another security professional, try to form a “combat-L” on the threat. A 90-degree angle formed by the good guys (using cover or barriers if possible) on a single threat is the optimum.
  6. Know how to perform emergency self-aid and buddy aid, if you or comrade(s) become casualties. Carry tourniquets on your person. Stay in the fight. Never quit.

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