How a Chauffeur Could Bring Down Argentina’s Political Elite

Secure Transportation and Executive Protection News for Monday, August 13th, 2018

In Vehicle News

From Design Taxi

Tesla Might Open-Source Its Car Security Software For Use By Competitors

CEO of Tesla Elon Musk has announced his intention to make Tesla’s car security software open-source for use by rivals in future.

Yesterday, Musk tweeted, “Great Q&A @defcon last night. Thanks for helping make Tesla & SpaceX more secure! Planning to open-source Tesla vehicle security software for free use by other car makers. Extremely important to a safe self-driving future for all.”

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and from SecurityDriver.Com

Tire Safety

Drivers in the United States put more than 2,969 billion miles on their tires. There are nearly 11,000 tire-related crashes, and almost 200 people will die in those crashes.

Many of these crashes can be prevented through proper tire maintenance—including tire inflation and rotation—and understanding tire labels, tire aging, and recalls and complaints.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has put together a few statistics.

Only 19% of consumers properly check and inflate their tires. Vehicles made after 2007 have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) that will alert drivers when tire pressure is significantly low – about 25%below where it should be for safe operation.

1 in 4 cars has at least one tire that is significantly under-inflated. Be sure to check your tires regularly for other wear and tear, like cuts and abrasions.

Under-inflated tires lower gas mileage by 0.3% for every 1 pound per square inch (psi) drop in pressure.

Most vehicles should have a tire rotation done every 5,000-8,000 miles

Tires lose about 1 psi of pressure each month, so be sure to check your tires monthly.

Keeping your tires properly inflated can save you up to 11 cents per gallon.

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In Executive Protection News

From Bloomberg

How a Chauffeur Could Bring Down Argentina’s Political Elite

A chauffeur’s notes could send dozens of Argentina’s political and business elites to prison. On Aug. 1, Argentine newspaper La Nacion published an investigation that detailed alleged bribes from business executives to officials in the former governments of President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and her late husband, Nestor Kirchner. Evidence in the eight notebooks, kept from 2005 to 2015 by the chauffeur of a former government official, have led to the arrests of more than a dozen men. And Kirchner could be next.

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and from News India

National Geographic to air documentary on “The President’s Bodyguard”

Leading satellite network National Geographic on Sunday announced an exclusive documentary on one of the oldest regiments of the Indian Army, The President’s Bodyguard.

The President’s Bodyguard is the oldest surviving mounted unit and is one of the senior most regiments of the Indian Army.

The primary role of the President’s Bodyguard is to escort and protect the President of India.

The regiment, which has 245 years old legacy, and is made up of almost 200 soldiers, represents supreme and selfless service. It is equipped as a mounted unit, with horses for ceremonies at the presidential palace and military vehicles for use in combat. The personnel of the regiment are also trained as paratroopers and nominally are expected to lead in airborne assaults in the role of pathfinders.

The first bodyguard to be raised in India was by Governor-General Warren Hastings in September 1773 when European troops, already recruited into the East India Company’s service as infantry, were earmarked for the role.

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