Armored Vehicles Metrics

The Survey
The ISDA Executive Vehicle and Secure Transportation Surveys have indicated that, from year to year, the use of armored vehicles in the private sector ebbs and flows, but every year a substantial number of participants are using armored vehicles.

The Numbers
When comparing the use of armored vehicles from 2013 to 2017, the survey found that in 2013, 15.5% of survey respondents used armored vehicles. In 2015 the numbers took a substantial jump to 22.9%, and in 2017, when adding lead and follow vehicles, armored vehicles driven by the participants totaled 14.1%. The results supply an indication of the type of risk the vehicle moves through. The higher the level of armor, the higher the perceived threat. The survey indicated that 29.7% of the participants are driving Level B4 vehicles, which are commonly used in a low to a medium-risk situation. Level B5 vehicles are used by 27.5% of the participants, Level B6 28.6%, and the highest Level, B7, was used 14.3%. This is also an indication of the number of jobs that are available in the very high-risk areas.

This is an article from the State Department outlining their armored vehicle program.

A Summary of the 2017 Executive Vehicle and Secure Transportation Survey and Report

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