Episode 154 – Business of EP – Social Media Basics

The topic of this week’s episode – we are getting back to the basics of the business of executive protection. The business of EP is so important but very often is overlooked as an afterthought. EP training providers teach hard skills, but very few focus on business and marketing. So, in today’s episode, we’ll be playing for you an audio snippet from the course Social Media Basics for Protection Professionals. The course was developed by yours truly. The 3-hour course comprises six parts with various topics: defining your brand, social media profiles, and opportunities to social media marketing, marketing funnels, advertising, social media tools, and metrics.

Social Media is Important to Your Business

Why did I create this course? It doesn’t matter if you are a subcontractor or a large security business; social media is an essential piece of your business marketing strategy. I created this basics course to help EP/Secure transportation providers/security companies be successful with their social media efforts by using it effectively.

Social platforms help you connect with your customers, increase awareness about your brand, and boost leads and sales. Social media is one of the most significant marketing elements for establishing your brand. You and your business need to be having conversations on these channels. Now, your specific market may not be entirely on social platforms. Still, the people who you might hire, your competition, perhaps your future business opportunities are. Or you are looking to find your tribe, like-minded individuals who can support what you do, and vice versa.

We all know word of mouth in this business has an enormous impact. Getting information out or from a trusted source about someone or something is really how the EP business runs. Using social media effectively is word of mouth on steroids, a considerable amplification. Of course, if word of mouth is about you and your company, and you’re not on social networks, you can’t control or defend what people are saying about you.

This snippet is from Part one of the Social Media Basics course – Before you start on social media, where I talk about the importance of defining your brand, market and business goals.

If you’d like more information on the availability, please contact me at [email protected].

The price for the course $299 – ISDA members receive a substantial discount.  

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