Looking Into the Evidence That ‘Lone Wolf’ Terrorists Are a Pack

The ISDA Secure Transportation and Executive Protection News Podcast for Tuesday, October 30th, 2018

In Vehicle News

From The Truth About Cars

Automakers Ready to Rock When New NHTSA Headlight Rules Arrive

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced earlier this month that it was willing to considering changing the rules that govern automobile headlights. Now in a comment period before its official review, the proposal would permit automakers to install and enable adaptive driving beam headlights on new cars sold in the United States. While some automakers are preparing themselves for the change, most have been ready for ages.

For years, automakers have asked the NHTSA to modify headlight regulations to include an allowance for the adaptive illumination that’s already popular in other parts of the world.


And from Digital Trends

With benefits — and risks — software updates are coming to the car

Are you ready to have your car regularly updated like your smartphone? Well, get ready because it’s happening. From dashboards to door locks, cars are about to become as changeable as your iPhone’s home screen.

Automatic over-the-air updates have been happening for years on laptops, phones, even TVs. But in the automotive industry, it’s been relatively rare. Tesla was a significant exception.

Over-the-air updates can also be used to enable some remarkable improvements and changes in a vehicle, from making transmission adjustments to tweaking performance and fuel efficiency. They can even be used to adjust brake responsiveness.



In Terrorism News

From the Pacific Standard

Looking Into the Evidence That ‘Lone Wolf’ Terrorists Are a Pack

Studies find that many of them connect with like-minded believers online and broadcast their ideology and intentions before they act.

America is reeling as the country grapples with the homegrown terrorist acts and hate crimes of the last few weeks. First, Democratic politicians and donors and the network CNN received homemade pipe bombs in the mail. Then, last weekend, a gunman entered a synagogue in Pittsburgh, while people were gathered for a baby-naming ceremony. He killed 11 people and injured an additional six. The federal criminal complaint against him says he afterward told a SWAT team member he wanted “all Jews to die.”

Investigators are still collecting evidence in these cases, and it’s possible that details will emerge that place the suspects within larger terror or hate networks. However, so far, what the public knows is that only one person has been charged with each crime. If the suspects turn out to be so-called “lone wolf” terrorists, they’ll join many others. As David M. Perry argued in Pacific Standard earlier this year, a number of recent white supremacist lone-wolf killers have subscribed to related, hateful ideology. “They’re reading the same websites, talking to each other, and killing the same targets,” as Perry put it. “The lone wolves are actually a pack.”

The research bears him out. Although by definition, lone-wolf terrorists don’t belong to formal organizations, a few large recent studies have sought to find trends and commonalities between them. Here are some highlights on what we know about lone perpetrators of terror.



ISDA Product Spotlight

CrashSafe 6-in-1 Car Safety Device

From the product description

CrashSafe’s 6-in-1 features were designed to help you in unexpected incidents on the road. Use the built-in powerful LED torch or flashing red emergency beacon for nighttime emergencies. In case you’re trapped due to flooding or fire use the seat belt cutter and window breaker to free yourself. CrashSafe is always within reach because it plugs into your cigarette lighter outlet and also doubles as a car phone charger and portable power bank.

It also comes with a LED flashlight and a flashing red beacon.

It’s available on Amazon with a price of $49.



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