A Summary of the 2017 Executive Vehicle and Secure Transportation Survey and Report

The 2017 Executive Vehicle and Secure Transportation Survey and Report will be available by the end of this week to ISDA Members and survey participants that signed up for the report. The survey has been conducted every two years since 2013.

The Survey covers all aspects of secure transportation. The goal of the survey is to examine trends and collect data that develop a broader perspective of the secure transportation profession.

Practitioners who participated in the survey represent the Corporate, High Net Worth, and Private Security community. 37% of the participants are from the corporate community, 23% are from Private Security, and 21% are from High Net Worth. The average years of experience of the participants is approximately 15 years.

A Summary of the 2017 Report

The Mercedes Benz S Class and the Suburban are the model vehicles most often used for Executive Transportation.

The use of Armored Vehicles has fluctuated: from 15.5% in 2013, to 22.9% in 2015, and to 14.1% in 2017.

42% of participants have worked in Law Enforcement. 38.7% were in the Military.

62% rent vehicles for use in Secure Transportation, and of those that do, 74% rent SUVs.

When traveling with the principal, 53.4% hire drivers.

55% were not aware of the IRS Regulation regarding Secure Transportation.

This year’s Report consists of 36 pages of data with supplemental articles. The additional materials are added to enhance and support the data.

As an example of the additional material:

The surveys indicate that, from year to year, the use of armored vehicles ebbs and flows, but every year a substantial number of participants are using armored vehicles. To supplement that survey data, we added the ISDA White Paper – Best Practices for Purchasing and an Armored Vehicle.

The survey indicated that 62% of all participants use a rental vehicle, so we added Joe Autera’s seminal post on renting vehicles – Renting Vehicles and Secure Transportation; Best Practices for a Less than Perfect solution.

We found that 55% of the participants did not know about the IRS ruling on Secure Transportation. We added information on the IRS code governing Secure Transportation.

The supplemental information is a small percentage of the information that is available to ISDA Members. We (ISDA and its members) curate information specifically designed to increase member knowledge and marketability. The majority of the information is password protected and available to ISDA members only. The information is disseminated via blog posts, free online learning, and white papers.

The supplemental information is the product of our (ISDA) On-Going Research Program.

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