The EP Skills Gap


A Skills Gap is defined as the difference between what the market wants and what is available for skill. This is a common problem in all industries. In an attempt to get a better understanding of the Skills Gap that exists in the Executive Protection/Secure Transportation profession, ISDA researched the job market. Our goal was to determine the skills, education, and training, and experience that are the most sought after by the Executive Protection job market.

The data was acquired by reviewing full-time job offers related to the security and executive protection profession from 60 companies. The job opportunities were selected from Indeed and ZipRecruiter, two of the most respected job and employment services in the world, as well as LinkedIn.

The data collected were the requirements listed in the job opportunities relating to:

Training and Education
From the data that was gathered ISDA produced a white paper. The paper was distributed to the ISDA membership.

An Example of the Results

40% of all full-time EP jobs require a college degree
20% require EP Training
21.5% required Security Driver Training.
LEO and Military and combinations of both represent close to 50% of the type of experience required (48.4%).
99.92 % need experience that averages out to 5 five years
So if you are looking for a full-time position in EP, your best bet is a college education with experience.