The Rising Trends of Personal Security in The 21st Century

The ISDA Secure Transportation and Executive Protection News Podcast for Tuesday, October 31st, 2018


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From SecurityDriver.Com

Cold Weather and Tire Pressure

Cold weather does more than bring out ice scrapers and antifreeze. It can trigger a vehicle’s tire-pressure-monitoring system overnight, sending nervous drivers to dealers and service centers.

For example, about 20 customers visited a Chevrolet dealership because their tire-pressure-warning icons were illuminated. Here’s why a cold snap affects tire pressure and sets off the tire-pressure-monitoring system (TPMS) warning lamp.


And from CNS News

State Dept.: 60% of ‘Mishaps’ Involving U.S. Armored Vehicles Overseas Were Preventable

Professional chauffeurs and other drivers of armored vehicles for overseas State Department personnel should undergo mandatory safe-driving training, the State Department’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) said in a newly released report.


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From the NYU Dispatch

The rising trends of personal security in the 21st century

In today’s modern world, the issue of personal security can be a dividing one. With advances in technology, advanced security tactics are more accessible than ever. But how much security is too much security? Where is the line drawn?

The reality is that in today’s highly technological accessible world, personal security has come to the forefront as an important issue, and even a necessity. And many of the people who are falling victim to breaches of personal security are high profile figures, such as TV and movie stars, sports personalities, political figures, wealthy individuals and business executives.


In Driving News

Driving Overseas: Best Practices Report


With the rising costs of air travel and an increasing desire for independent, self-guided travel, many people consider self-driving while overseas. In many countries, U.S. drivers will experience a stark contrast to the customs, courtesies, and practices experienced on U.S. roads. In many parts of the world, the level of drivers’ education varies; therefore, people can simply buy a license or drive unlicensed. Corrupt officials and petty criminals also capitalize on roadways around the world by using minor, intentional accidents, irregular law enforcement, or manipulation of a foreigner’s inexperience and short stay to solicit bribes or to commit crimes.

Taking precautions and researching driving and security conditions before departure will allow OSAC constituents to evaluate the challenges and opportunities associated with self-driving and determine if it is an appropriate means of transportation.

The report gives guidance and best practices on renting vehicles, emergency assistance, Highway lane use and courtesies, signage marking, law enforcement practices,  and crimes that target rental vehicles.


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