Audi’s A8 Sedan To Make T-Bone Crashes Safer

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In Vehicle News

From Wired.Com

Audi’s A8 Sedan To Make T-Bone Crashes Safer

OF ALL THE things that can ruin a nice drive in your brand new luxury sedan, few are as reliably cringe-inducing as failing to notice a speed bump until your front wheels make first contact. The jarring thwack and screeching scrape give way to regret and embarrassment, often underscored by spilled coffee and peeved passengers.

If you’re driving Audi’s new A8, though, you need no longer worry about such red-cheeked moments. Even if you don’t see the impending bump, one of the $84,000 sedan’s cameras will. In the space of 300 milliseconds, the car’s optional “Predictive Active Suspension” system uses electric actuators to essentially lift each wheel just as the obstacle arrives. The car itself stays level.

Audi created this to smooth the annoying jolts that come with driving on roads that are rarely as smooth as anyone would like. The resulting glide-like ride quality is just one of the tricks enabled by the 24 sensors that Audi’s engineers built into the A8, including cameras, radars, and the first lidar laser scanner to make it into a production vehicle.


And from Bloomberg News

Rental Cars Are Making You Happier at the Airport

When it comes to the travel trio of airports, airlines and rental cars, the latter is the clear consumer favorite these days, according to a customer survey by J.D. Power.

Satisfaction with renting a car rose to an industry average of 830 points on the market-research firm’s 1,000-point rating system, a slight increase from 2017, the company said in a statement Wednesday. That was the highest mark ever reached in the survey’s 23-year history, J.D. Power said.

The perceived value of the deal—better cars paired with rental costs that haven’t increased much in recent years—appears to be playing a large role in travelers’ improved mood at the airport, said Michael Taylor, J.D. Power’s travel practice lead.


In Security News

From the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism

Far-Right Fatal Ideological Violence against Religious Institutions and Individuals in the United States: 1990-2018

Following the Oct. 27, 2018 shooting at a Jewish Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, START researchers compiled background information from the United States Extremist Crime Database (ECDB) on ideologically motivated, fatal far-right violence in the United States, generally, and far-right extremist homicides and plots related to religion and religious institutions, specifically.


In Technology News

The Roadside Hero 9 in 1 Multi-Function Solar Powered Car Emergency Flashlight Tool with Window Breaker, Seat Belt Cutter, Compass & Flashlight for Travel and Emergencies

The Roadside HERO™ will most likely become the best and most useful tool you’ve ever owned. Your flashlight collection is not complete without this solar powered multi-function survival flashlight with hammer, belt cutter, magnet, compass, and power bank. It can be used as a regular 3-mode 200 lumen standard flashlight, 10 LED bright white work light light, or red emergency SOS light. The unique tip has a belt cutter, hammer (for breaking glass in case of an emergency) and a magnet to mount the flashlight. The solar panel allows you to get endless power to its built in 2000mah 18650 battery. This flashlight also doubles as a power bank to charge your USB devices. This is the perfect item to keep in the car, home, and go bag.


  • Shockproof
  • Main Light: 200 Lumen Flashlight (3W LED) (High, Low & Strobe)
  • Side White 2835×10 (150 Lumens) (High, Low)
  • Side Red 2835×10 620×625 wavelength (Fast Strobe, Slow Strobe)
  • Emergency Hammer / Glass Breaker
  • Belt / Rope Cutter
  • Magnet for mounting
  • Dual Charging Modes: 5W 50ma Solar Panel & 5V Micro USB (Power In)
  • Compass
  • 5V/1A USB Power Bank (Power Out)
  • 2000mAH 18650 Internal Battery


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