Executive Protection Specialist Handbook – by Jerry Glazebrook and Larry Nicholson

Executive-Protection-Specialist-HandbookIf there is one constant throughout the years working with the corporate EP and High Net Worth EP Professionals it is that this book is in their possession. It has over 25 lists covering everything from Route Planning – Personality Cards – Pre Advance coordination – Airport Surveys – Restaurant Surveys – Hospital Surveys – Public appearances all in all good information.

I post this to point out that all the aforementioned surveys and planning is not new.

This book is relatively expensive ($30 in Varro Press) but compare to what you might learn from it to what you might learn in Clyde’s most excellent EP program for 10 times the price it is well worth it. Via the ISDA Pulse Members’ newsletter, we gave 5 of these books away. ISDA works with their Network to provide members with free educational material. You can buy the book at