Author: Tony Scotti

Episode 179 - Surveillance Detection - SecurityDriver.Com

The objective of surveillance detection is to read these signals and take action to prevent an incident. Pre-incident indicators, no matter how many or how often, must be detected and acted on. Unfortunately, many times they are ignored.

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The Science of the Lane Change Exercise

Over the years, feedback from former students indicates that the “Lane Change” exercise is one of the most important, if not the most important exercise, in a protective driving program. The comment we heard often is that the Lane Change instills life-saving skills.

The old Scotti School and now VDI call it the Lane Change exercise, but it has different names depending on the training provider. Names like – Evasive Maneuver, Accident Avoidance, or Swerve to Avoid. No matter the exercise’s name, they all have the same basic characteristics that are essential to all Protective Driving training programs.

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2020 ISDA Training Survey Results Part 2

In this episode we are continuing with the results from the 2020 ISDA Training Survey.

The purpose of the Survey was to supply those looking to enter the profession and those who want to expand their education with data that assist with the decision-making process. Also, to help those who provide training to determine the best methods of reaching their potential audience.

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