Marriott Hacking Exposes Data of Up to 500 Million Guests

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In Terrorism News

From the Daily Sun

Security Minister warns No Deal Brexit could make it harder to keep terrorists and criminals out of UK

Ben Wallace backed the PM’s Brexit plan by suggesting a No Deal scenario would leave the country in a situation that ‘isn’t pretty’.

BRITAIN’S Security Minister warned MPs that a No Deal vote would make it harder to keep criminals and terrorists out of the UK.

But speaking to law enforcement and security leaders he said leaving the EU without a deal would make it “hard to do our job” and the “alternative to this deal isn’t pretty”.

He claimed the UK’s security was “bound up with Europe’s security” and the deal secured by the Prime Minister strikes the right balance to keep everyone safe.

He said: “A mere 20-mile stretch of water cannot protect the UK from 21st-century terrorism, serious organized crime, and cyber attacks. These are threats that know no borders. We and our European partners need to tackle them together if we are to keep our citizens safe.


And from NextGov

FBI’s Counterterrorism Investigations Now Run on Amazon

The FBI is using Amazon Web Services’ cloud services to process, host and analyzes both classified and unclassified counterterrorism data, an FBI official revealed Tuesday.

The previously undisclosed partnership dates back nearly two years and began after the FBI reached a “data crisis,” according to FBI Deputy Assistant Director for Counterterrorism Christine Halvorsen, who made the announcement at AWS’ re: Invent conference in Las Vegas.


In Vehicle News

From Automotive Fleet

GM’s Safety Tech Reduces Crashes by 43%

General Motors vehicles equipped with automatic braking and forward collision warning saw 43% fewer police-reported front-to-rear crashes when compared to similar vehicles that aren’t equipped with front crash prevention technology, according to a new study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

In addition, GM vehicles equipped with those two safety features had 64% fewer front-to-rear crashes with injuries.

The study also assessed forward collision technology separately. For vehicles equipped with forward collision warning only, the crash rate reductions were 17% for front-to-rear crashes and 30% for front-to-rear crashes with injuries.


In Cyber Security News

From the NYTimes

Marriott Hacking Exposes Data of Up to 500 Million Guests

The Marriott International hotel chain said on Friday that the database of its Starwood reservation system had been hacked and that the personal details of up to 500 million guests going as far back as 2014 has been compromised.

The hotel group, which runs more than 6,700 properties around the world, was informed in September about an attempt to access the database, and an investigation this month revealed that unauthorized access had been made on or before Sept. 10, Marriott said in a statement.

The investigation also found that an “unauthorized party had copied and encrypted information, and took steps toward removing it,” the statement said.

The hotel chain said that personal details including names, addresses, dates of birth, passport numbers, email addresses and phone numbers for hundreds of millions of guests may have been compromised.


And from NBC Today

Dunkin’ Donuts reveals Consumer Security Breach

The coffee chain says hackers were after customers’ information through its DD Perks program.

Dunkin’ Donuts has announced that it discovered a recent digital security breach in which hackers may have accessed the names and email addresses of customers signed up for the chain’s DD Perks mobile app, its primary rewards program. The alleged attack occurred in October. Customers’ 16-digit DD Perks account numbers and QR codes for the program may have also been compromised.

On Wednesday, the company released a statement explaining how “third-parties” acquired the information:

“Although Dunkin’ did not experience a data security breach involving its internal systems, we’ve been informed that third-parties obtained usernames and passwords through other companies’ security breaches and used this information to log into some Dunkin’ DD Perks accounts.”

The company added, “These individuals then used the usernames and passwords to try to break into various online accounts across the Internet. Our security vendor was successful in stopping most of these attempts, but it is possible that these third-parties may have succeeded in logging in to your DD Perks account if you used your DD Perks username and password for accounts unrelated to Dunkin’.”


In Travel Security News

From International SOS

Travel Risk Map 2019 – Risk Outlook

International SOS and Control Risks publish Travel Risk Map 2019 to help organizations better understand the risks in the markets where they operate and travel.

The Travel Risk Map displays each country’s medical risk rating and travel security risk rating.  The result is a comprehensive overview of risks by destination. Highlighting to organizations the need for travel risk mitigation efforts.

Understanding what the risks are at a destination and then taking appropriate precautions is the best way for an organization to support their people, enable business growth and deliver on Duty of Care.

  • Countries and regional travel security risks are rated ‘Extreme’, ‘High’, ‘Medium’, ‘Low’, or ‘Insignificant’.
  • There are varying levels of travel security risks within countries. Mexico, Egypt, India, and Ukraine are examples of generally ‘Medium’ travel risk ratings, which have higher risk ratings in specific regions within that country.
  • Countries are assigned a medical risk rating of ‘Low’, ‘Medium’, ‘High’, ‘Very High’, or ‘Rapidly Developing Variable Risk’.
  • The interactive map features drill-down capabilities to see specific zones within countries that have a higher travel security risk rating, and city/country search functionality. The interactive map is freely available to clients and media to embed in their websites and to share the information and educate travelers.


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