Pentagon Researchers Test ‘Worst-Case Scenario’ Attack on U.S. Power Grid

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From NextGov

Pentagon Researchers Test ‘Worst-Case Scenario’ Attack on U.S. Power Grid

Over 100 people gathered off the tip of Long Island this month to roleplay a cyber attack that takes out the U.S. electric grid for weeks on end.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency exercise, which took place from Nov. 1 to Nov. 7, was fictional, but it was designed to mimic all the hurdles and uncertainty of a real-world cyber attack that took out power across the nation for weeks on end–a scenario known as a “black start.”


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From GovTech

Road Assessment App RoadBotics Raises $3.9M in Seed Funding

RoadBotics, a company whose image-based app assesses road quality and damage, has raised $3.9 million in seed funding to continue expanding and improving, according to a news release Wednesday.

RoadBotics uses a smartphone’s camera and deep learning-based image processing technology, the same system that moves autonomous vehicles, to collect and analyze roadway image data. When placed in a windshield with the app on and camera facing forward, a smartphone can collect image data and upload it to the RoadBotics platform, where deep-learning technology isolates the road from other parts of the image, assesses its condition and rates the surface. The rating is based on the presence, type, and density of road surface features that pavement engineers would recognize during a visual inspection. The app then sends the results to an interactive online mapping platform called RoadWay.


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From Forbes

The Challenge To Traditional Notions Of Leadership: Female Values

The author of the post, Katie Cooper, describes an incident that occurred on a Delta Airlines flight where a female doctor tried to assist a fellow passenger. Dr. Sanford was questioned by the flight attendants to prove that indeed she was a doctor. According to the author, the Dr. didn’t seem to fit with the stereotype the flight attendants had on what a Dr. should look like.

It made the author think of how many other professions are still predominantly white and male, and the recent criticism the BBC, in the UK, received for casting predominantly women in traditionally male roles, in its hugely successful drama ‘Bodyguard.’

The author continues by saying that the traditional descriptors of the traits of a leader are those you might associate with a bodyguard: decisive, bold and courageous. However, this heroic, male-defined model is increasingly challenged and not necessarily what the close protection industry needs. Only 5.4% of bodyguards are female, and the demand for their services outstrips supply – another example of outdated notions of occupational competence disrupting the supply chain? It was a female close protection officer who, with a certain quietude, led the Duchess of Sussex out of an overcrowded Fijian market earlier this month, on the British royal couple’s first official overseas tour, after the Duchess apparently expressed her discomfort at the unexpectedly large crowds. Meghan Markel’s female head of security has been praised for her calm, effective and distinctly unmacho response to the situation.


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