Ford Wants to Use Tech to Predict Where Vehicle Crashes Will Happen

The ISDA Secure Transportation and Executive Protection News Podcast for Monday, December 3, 2018

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In Security News

From Reuters News

U.S. consulate in Mexico attacked with grenade, no injuries

Mexican authorities are investigating an apparent grenade attack on the U.S. consulate in the city of Guadalajara, officials said on Saturday, underscoring the security challenges facing Mexico’s new president.

The attack took place early on Saturday morning, local media reported, ahead of the swearing-in of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador later in the day.

No one was killed or injured in the attack and Mexican authorities are investigating the matter, according to a U.S. official in Mexico.


In Executive Protection News

From the International Protective Security Board

Close Protection Conference

The International Protective Security Board or IPSB for short, concluded their Close Protection Conference on Sunday. According to IPSB President Kristin Lenardson, there were over 370 protectors from all over the world in attendance. We had over 70 shooters at the Shooting Challenge and over 35 female protectors attend the first Women in Protection event.

We had amazing presentations from industry experts, fantastic participation from attendees, and several successful days of education and networking, she said.

In attendance at the conference were several ISDA members. If you would like to provide feedback or volunteer with the IPSB please reach out at [email protected].

Speaking of conferences the ISDA Executive Protection and Security Related Conference survey has concluded and we’ll be sharing the data with the community very soon.


In Vehicle News

From Driving.Ca

Ford wants to use tech to predict where car crashes will happen

American automaker Ford says it’s developed an algorithm that identifies where collisions are likely to happen within a city, allowing local authorities to act before an accident occurs.

Usually, crash-prone problem areas can only be identified after an accident, but this new system hopes to get ahead of them before they become problem areas.

The algorithm was created using data collected from 160 vans in London, U.K., which together traveled one million kilometers during a collective 15,000 days of vehicle use.

That allowed Ford to collect some 500 million data points. The highly detailed parameters analyzed included the severity of braking and the application of hazard lights, which helped identify “near-misses” and where they frequently occurred. This data was then cross-referenced with existing accident reports.


And from Motor Authority

Cadillac Escalade gets Sport Edition treatment for 2019

Cadillac last Wednesday unveiled the 2019 Escalade Sport Edition at the 2018 Los Angeles auto show.

The Sport Edition model represents the first special edition available for the current Escalade, which arrived for 2015, and you’ll easily recognize it by its black exterior accents.

Gloss black is used for the front grilles, window moldings, body side moldings, and the rear fascia. The Sport Edition also features a dark shade, referred to as Midnight Silver, on its standard 22-inch wheels.


In Business of Executive Protection News

Strategic Marketing Solutions


Definition of Stagnant

Not advancing or developing – showing no activity; stale

For this podcast, I’m going to talk about Stagnant in the context of what I refer to as your digital platform – your website; and what I have seen as an over-reliance on social media.

Is your website active? Is your website just a brochure on the web? When was the last time you put up new content? Updated an image? Shared a new testimonial from a client? Perhaps your website is poorly designed by relying on a friend to save a couple of bucks to design your website. When was the last time you put information on your website that was useful for your clients and visitors?

As I have discussed in previous blog posts your website is the hub – the center of your business. You have a platform on the web so that potential clients and current customers can find you. With your website, you can control your brand – who you are, what you do, and what qualifies you to do it. Everything comes out of your controlled website and goes to the spokes – which are the social media networks.


Lastly, just a quick reminder that the ISDA has put together its annual Holiday Gift Guide for the executive protection and secure transportation professional. In the gift guide, we include recommended books, gear, and tech. To visit our gift guide go to


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