Social Media Metrics

Social media is a driving force when used effectively for all types of business including security and executive protection services. You’ve identified your goals, found your market, you are sharing and creating valuable content for potential customers, marketing your products and services. You’re interacting with comments and monitoring what is being said about the industry and your business. All of this takes time, money and energy.

Do those likes and comments translate to new business? If so, how much business? Enough to live on or support your family? If not? Why not?

When was the last time you took a hard look at your efforts on social media and assess what is and is not working to help grow your business?

Hard look means looking past vanity metrics such as likes, and start looking at reach, engagement, and shares with tools that are freely available.

Facebook Page Insights

Take a look at the Insight Metrics Facebook provides for your business page. View the page summary, which is a quick snapshot of the week. Pay attention to page views, reach, engagement of your post, and clickthroughs to your website. From the left side of the menu click Posts. Here you can see what day, and what time of the day your fans are online. Click People from the left menu. You are now looking at a complete demographic breakdown of your fans, the people you have reached, and the people who have engaged with your posts.

Facebook Group Analytics

Despite several attempts by admins of Facebook groups to plead the case for Facebook to supply the same Insights for groups, it has yet to be. So in order to measure how well your group is doing you must go outside of Facebook. Two that I know of and have tested are Grytics and Sociograph,  Not as much detail as Facebook insights, but very good metrics nonetheless, and certainly enough data to inform you how well your group is performing.

For a detailed look at Grytics and Sociograph please watch my review of both in this video on YouTube.

Google Analytics for your website

Perhaps the most important metric of all is how well your website is performing in comparison to your business goals. Google analytics is a free tool that analyzes visitor behavior as they peruse your website. Metrics like, most popular pages, articles, Google search terms that led a visitor to your website, what Country, state, city your visitors are from, mobile vs. desktop, and even down to what type of phone and who is the carrier. Basically, an infinite amount of information about your visitors for free.

These three performance metric tools are an excellent start in measuring the effectiveness of your social media efforts.

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