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Security Driving – Lessons Learned From A Pro

Driving is one aspect of the job that I love the most. It’s also one part of the job that is so very important. When I drive, I get excited. I get motivated. I get ready to do what I was put on this earth to do. If it wasn’t for my driving position, I don’t know what I would be doing — probably still working a job and wishing I was in the EP field, while also constantly thinking about how to get into the profession. This leads me to the point of my article: how does one go about getting their foot in the door of EP work?

Below is what helped me get into the field. I hope you will find the information to be helpful.

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Counter-Ambush Tactics for Civilians


Anyone can become a victim of an ambush, be it a robbery, carjacking, or straight up assault.  If we work in or travel through hostile environments (war zones, insurgent areas, high crime neighborhoods) we need to utilize some specific skills to prevent or survive an ambush.  In the protective operations world, these are sometimes referred to as Protective Intelligence (PI) skills while in other security disciplines they are known as situational and tactical awareness skills. 

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Technology Brief – UBIK Camera

Technology Brief - Camera

The UBIK Camera by ADCOR MAGNET Systems is the first 360 x 240 degree, live-streaming spherical camera on the market. The camera captures the largest Field of View (FOV) of any single-lens spherical camera available and transfers this data with minimally required cellular and wifi connectivity providing live-streaming capabilities.

The UBIK is the only Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) available camera to stream 360 x 240 FOV across any typical cellular network.

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