Coming Soon – A Security Driver/ Secure Transportation Association

Why the association and why now? The time has come for those who supply Security Driving and Secure Transportation to be recognized for the accomplishments and contributions they have made to the profession, and to the safety and security of their clients. The importance of Security Driving and Secure Transportation has been well documented. Most events that have shaped the industry and … [Read more...]

Ambush in Saudi – Kidnaping in Greece – The Audi A8 Security Vehicle – and other info

This article has been removed from the Security Driver web site. The article is available in the Resource Center located on the International Security Driver Association (ISDA) web site. The Resource Center is a fee based password protected area and is the gateway to the industry’s largest collection of educational information and resources for the Security Driver - Secure Transportation - and … [Read more...]

Year in Review Part 2 – Surveillance Detection Articles

The high end market understands the criticality of Surveillance Detection (SD), they understand that in many of the environments they work in surveillance detection is not just the best protection; it may be the only protection. Also SD is not new - contrary to some beliefs the Personal Protection industry did not start on Sept. 11 2001. These are a series of articles by practitioners Joe Autera, … [Read more...]

A Limo firm is hacked, high-profile clients’ data exposed and America’s Number 1 Threat is…Mexico

A Limo firm is hacked, high-profile clients' data exposed - This is becoming a huge problem. America's Number 1 Threat is...Mexico - an excerpt from the article that I found particularly disturbing.   “American media reports indicate that the cartels have a presence in Texas high … [Read more...]

Articles About – Presidential Limo – Anatomy of a Motorcade – A Good Guys Ambush

A great graphic and article of the Presidential Limo - The Beast An inside look at how armored vehicles are made. The Anatomy of a Motorcade, From Sweepers to Rear Guard How about that - The … [Read more...]