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Circuit Magazine is one of the best publications covering the Protective Services Profession. For the past ten years, every issue features great articles written by industry professionals.  This month issue features articles from ISDA Members Tony Scotti, Denida Zinxhiria, and Elijah Shaw. Elijah is the US editor.

Issue 38 Overview

Insider Threat – did you know that the majority of security threats come from internal sources? In Covert Protective Details we’re considering the benefits of operating under the radar, and Tony Scotti explains The Science Behind Protection, On The Move. Also in Issue 38, we’re debunking the myth of age restriction in I am a Late Developer, Elijah Shaw warns us, Don’t Get Comfortable, we learn How to Spot a Vehicle-Borne IED, and we hear from the newly published author, Garry Curtis, in The Silent Sniper. Also, in this issue, Orlando Wilson concludes his feature on Countering the Threat of Snipers, and we have the fourth installment in our Church Security feature.

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