Constant Learning

Constant LearningIn a time when there are even more EP/bodyguards/security drivers in the marketplace than there is a market, it is imperative for a protection professional to adopt what we like to call the ISDA Constant Learner Philosophy.

A constant learner isn’t defined by a training curriculum. Rather, that person is marked by perpetual curiosity, a demand to ask and understand, “Why am I doing this? Why is this significant?” They feel the need to acquire additional skills and meet and exceed what is expected. The International Security Driver Association helps its members become constant learners by opening the door to their curiosity.

The ISDA Resource Center provides a constant learning environment for ISDA members, with subjects specifically designed to increase knowledge and marketability. The center is the gateway to the largest collection of educational resources for secure-transportation and protection professionals. New information is added to the center frequently and disseminated through blog posts, recorded webinars, videos, and white papers.

We ask all our members to help the ISDA constant learning program by sharing their knowledge. Knowledge sharing is one of the most powerful networking tools available. Via ISDA, knowledge is shared not only with the members, but with the ISDA network, which conservatively reaches 10,000 security practitioners, all with an interest in protective services with an emphasis on secure transportation.

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