Year in Review Part 3 – Security Driver Magazine

face coverIn 2013 we expanded our Security Driving Newsletter into a Security Driver Magazine. I must admit that it was a challenge. We have been producing the newsletter for 30 years and thought it would be a good idea to get into  “digital media”. Well – it took us by surprise the reaction was larger much larger than anticipated.

Security Driver Magazine reaches an average of 5,000 readers, from 20 countries, not high numbers, but it’s who reads it vs. how many read it. The readers vary from new into the business to practitioners managing EP and Secure Transportation. The readers include over 300 Fortune companies, security personnel for High Net Worth Families, Law Enforcement Agencies, and Military/Government personnel all with an interest in Secure Transportation.

There are some great articles (probably why the reaction) from the top practitioners in the business, and I want to thank all the writers for their patience.  An outline of the magazine and the contents –

Security Driver Magazine 1st Edition
Security Driving and Electronic Stability Control
In the Blink of an Eye
Line of Sight and Security Driving
Armor for Small Cars

Security Driver Magazine 2rd Edition
Meet the Contributing Editors Introduction to Surveillance Detection
Event Data Recorder
First Person Account of a Vehicle Ambush
Security Driver Training in Somalia
Security Driving and EP Job Descriptions
3 Questions Your Website Should Answer

Security Driver Magazine 3rd Edition
Detection of a Suicide Vehicle Borne Attack
Ten Agreements for Hired Drivers
The Benefits of Hiring Local
Security Driving
Driving the High/Medium Value Target in a Motorcoach
Backing Up Safely
Who Are You and What Keeps You Awake at Night?
Flipping Burgers One Day, Bodyguarding the Next


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