ISDA Protective Services Roadmap Checklist – Free Download

What training should I attend?  How do I break into the profession? I’m working, but how do I advance my career?

These are typical questions that we see on social media and emails. To help answer these questions the International Security Driver Association, Inc (ISDA) and their members have created a Protective Services Roadmap to Success (available to members only), and from the Roadmap, ISDA created the Protective Services Roadmap Checklist (available free). Many of the members have been working in the profession for an average of 15 years. The checklist is a reflection of their experiences – the good – the bad and the expensive – with the hope of preventing others from making the same mistakes.

As one of our members describe the checklist,

“No BS, No Hype…Just Useful Information – Whether you’re considering a career in the secure transportation or executive protection professions, are a newly minted graduate of an EP school, or an up-and-coming practitioner the Protective Services Roadmap to Success is an excellent reference for building a successful career”.

Why the Roadmap and Checklist

For many, finding a career path or advancing a career is the most challenging task they face. There are no guarantees for success, but there is a path to it. Many may have the desire and passion to succeed in a profession, but having a successful career requires a plan, a roadmap. A roadmap shows a destination, or one’s goals, and the practical steps necessary to get to the desired destination.

In Stage One of the ISDA Roadmap to EP Career Success and the Checklist focuses on enabling you to define who you are, what you do or will do, what success means to you, and establishing goals for your career. Planning your path will form a solid foundation to build upon as you enter the next section of the Roadmap, the Growing Your Business section.

The ISDA Roadmap Checklist – Free Download

Roadmap Checklists consists of 19 checkpoints separated into three stages:

  • Planning for Your Success
  • Growing Your Success
  • Managing and Enhancing Your Success

Supporting the Checklist are 38 online and downloadable documents.

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