Myths About Engaging a Threat from a Motorcycle

The following video is from ISDA Member Mark James. It is an overview of Chapter 10 of Mark’s new book Defensive Handgun II.  The video covers Bikes and Bullets and helps dispel some common myths about engaging a threat from your bike and understanding the tactical triad of cover, concealment, and distance within the context of your motorcycle.

This other article, “Bikes and Bullets”, helps dispel some common misconceptions as it relates to dealing with potentially deadly force encounters while on a motorcycle.

We offer practical advice for increasing your likelihood of surviving a violent encounter whether as the result of road rage or an attempted bike jacking. If it isn’t practical, it can never be tactical.

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Defensive Handgun II: Keys To Becoming Your Own First Line of Defense

Inside the Bubble: Lessons Learned from a Life in Business and Protective Services

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