The Miscellaneous Ramblings of an Old Man – Part Two

I am now in my 5th decade of working in the “business”. I started in the mid 70’ – during my five decades I have met and worked with a lot of people in a lot of environments. In July of last year I posted “The Miscellaneous Ramblings of an Old Man. It received allot of “comments” – It’s been a while so I thought I would post Miscellaneous Ramblings Part II

 I’m asked why you still work at 72 – Because it’s not work – it’s fun. If you feel that what you do every day is work – I would suggest changing your profession.

 Try being informed Vs. opinionated –  I saw this saying and I thought that is so true – then I thought for little while longer and it struck me  wow that sounds like me – then I thought some more,  the solution I came up with was simple – I think too much.

I may have to get old but I never have to grow up

 Facebook has convinced me more than ever that George Bernard Shaw was correct “Youth is wasted on the young”

 I visited well known training facility – they have allot of cars – shooting ranges –instructors dressed with the latest tactical clothes (what can you possibly carry in all those pockets) – the only thing they don’t have is what VDI has an abundance of – students. They operated under the belief of – If I build it they will come – no they won’t.

 The new overused word in the industry is networking – keep in mind that Networking and Socializing are not the same. Networking requires that people who offer job opportunities be present.

 I have been told that I handle stress well – is that the medical term for I don’t give a shit?

I don’t need to be associated with people that make me look stupid – I can do that all by myself without their help.

 With all the crap you find on social media and the internet – keep in mind that you are defined by your history. And understand that what you do today becomes your history tomorrow. So whatever you are doing – do it well. Keep in mind the VDI mindset– Meet and Exceed Expectations.

A while back I conducted a training program in Mexico, and of course I got “aren’t you too old to be going to Mexico”  – the answer is in the words of a country and western song –“I am not as good as I once was but I am good once as I ever was”

In case you missed Part One

Comments on The Miscellaneous Ramblings of an Old Man – Part Two

  1. Elijah Shaw says:

    “what can you possibly carry in all those pockets “???

    Tony, this line almost made me spill my drink. I think you are going to need to collect your “ramblings” into a coffee table styled book!

  2. Tony, I love this quote: “Networking requires that people who offer job opportunities be present.” it reminds me of my days as a VP in corporate America. People use to say to me, “I don’t know why I can’t seem to get further ahead. I have a lot of mentors.” My reply was often simple mentorship is an important part of advancing. Mentors can help you build skills,all requirements of moving forward but only a sponsor can give you an opportunity. There comes a point in your career where your need is no longer about mentorship but sponsorship.

  3. Bob Oatman says:

    Tony: I enjoyed your part 2 as much as part 1. Anyone who thinks for a moment they have all the answers should pause and take a deep breath. Everyday we should thank God for all that he has done for us: Our families – friends – health – living in the best country in the world. I am with you – work should be changed to the following remark “Employment is Enjoyment” otherwise change your profession. Don’t slow down – share your expertise and most of all continue your journey – your a Class Act. All the best: Bob Oatman

    1. securitydriver says:

      Bob thank you for the comments – you and I have been blessed to continue on doing what we love to do – I hope God blesses me with the capability to continue on

  4. Jim Fraser says:

    Are you really that old? I am impressed with your ramblings- keep them coming.

    1. securitydriver says:

      Yes Jim unfortunately I am – my guess is that you are not that far behind me

  5. Adam Clarke says:


    You sir are a treasure and a true icon in this industry. Heres to many more years!

    1. securitydriver says:

      Thanks Adam I appreciate the comments

  6. Michael Wargo says:

    You’re not getting older, Tony, you’re getting better. Best wishes to you and keep those “ramblings” coming, they are informative as well as entertaining.

    1. securitydriver says:

      Hi Mike – good good to hear from you – take care

  7. Doc Rogers says:

    Tony: Excellent article, Sir. I learn from everything you write. Looking forward to reading more of “The Miscellaneous Ramblings. God speed.

    1. securitydriver says:

      Thanks Doc – Hope all is going well for you

  8. George Tzelios says:

    Tony, your “ramblings” saved my life, so keep “rambling” on professor and we will keep taking notes if we’re smart! Hope all is well,

    1. securitydriver says:

      George – It’s great to hear from you – all is going well – or as well as it can for an old man – hope all is well with you – take care of yourself

  9. Jerry Glazebrook says:

    I prefer to call the Ramblings of a Old Man, the voice of experience.
    Thank you for your many contributions to our industry.

    1. securitydriver says:

      Thank you Jerry – hope all is well – are still across the pond?

  10. Mickey Winston says:

    When I first met you in t6he early 90’s I was impressed with your knowledge and experience. After spending my own 20+ yrs in this business I am even more impressed now, specifically that you are still at it…Great to see you last year in Baltimore. You are a great man and always fun to be around. Thanks for all your help. Mickey

  11. Tony Shepherd says:

    Tony. What fun our industry has provided us throughout these years, now 32 for me. What a pup I guess. Well I get to race one more time at the 40th SCCA Nationals with some very dear friends in the next few weeks. I think it may be my last at the wheel as my skill to be competitive has dwindled to the degree that I will need to fight to avoid being DFL!

    The oddity of the whole situation is that I love the sport so much, I would still race as long as I’m capable. In fact I never did feel the pain of the Gs until the next day, or the pain of standing on the track for 14 hrs with students, and that’s just passion and love of the business

    I not surprised that you are fully engaged at 70 plus, as I expect to continue until you cannot. What a great life, we are very lucky indeed! Take care my friend, we need a visit soon.

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