When Can You?

When Can You
The most asked question I receive is “What EP training program should I attend.” My answer is “I have no idea.” The reason for the answer; the old Scotti School and now VDI operate under a business model that is substantially different than the business model that exists in the present day EP training environment. NOT BETTER, NOT WORSE – DIFFERENT. The results of that Business Model starts when the phone rings.

When Can You?

When the phone rings at VDI the questions asked ARE NOT: how much does the course cost; do you offer the GI Bill; do you have a payment plan; will I get a job after taking your course; how much is the hotel; do you do training in central Nebraska.

The questions that are asked –  WHEN CAN YOU travel to [fill in the blank] and train our people.  WE have six new employees WHEN CAN YOU fit them into a program. WE have new instructors coming on board WHEN CAN YOU conduct an instructor program for them. WE have a new risk WHEN CAN YOU meet with us to discuss how we mitigate that risk.

The question that should be asked is Who is WE? This is the short (very short) answer.

  • Over 200 corporate clients, from virtually every segment, including aerospace, banking, consumer products, defense, energy, finance, insurance, medical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical.
  • More than eighty of the top Fortune 100 corporations and six of the ten largest corporations, by annual revenue, in the world.
  • Security personnel for High Net Worth Families
  • Law Enforcement Instructors
  • Military/Government Instructors

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