EPA Administrator’s Motorcade

As mentioned in our Alexa flash briefing, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, reportedly wanted his motorcade to flash its lights and sirens to speed up trips to restaurants and airports.

Pruitt wanted his motorcade to use its lights and sirens to speed up local trips to the airport or dinner. According to the reports, Pruitt was often late during his trips in Washington and used the motorcade’s warning signals to quicken his trips to his favorite restaurant.

Eric Weese, the former head of Pruitt’s protective detail, the key word is former, said he unsuccessfully tried to curb the behavior, according. His reward for his candor was that he was replaced.  He was replaced by Pasquale Perrotta, a former Secret Service agent who operates a private security company.

Sequoia Security

The New York Times reported that some EPA officials objected to the additional security coverage which included around the clock protection and a 20-person protective detail.

Pruitt’s security detail accrued enough overtime to reach their annual maximum salary of around $160,000. During his first three months as EPA chief, Pruitt’s security detail cost over $832,000, which would translate to about 3.3 Million dollars a year.

Pruitt was also provided security during family trips and sporting events. The Former EPA administrator had roughly a half-dozen people on her security staff, and was not provided protection during off-hours.

The Article

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