Job Opportunity – Security Driver/Security Professional/Handyman

In the process of going about our job of curating EP and Security Driving job opportunities for our ISDA members, we came across this ad for a Driver/Handyman/Security Professional.

These are some of the duties.

Driving – Provide safe and secure transportation of Principal(s).

Security Duties – Property perimeter check, noting details in Daily Activity Report – Vendor supervision – Respond to gate calls – Log in packages and inspect for potential hazards.

Handyman Duties – Perform physical, hands-on tasks and repairs, i.e., carpentry, electrical, plumbing, paintings, and general facility repairs.

We guess that this ad is coming from a hiring agency, which has no clue what they are looking for. There is no list of skills or experience listed. We also guess that they will find a Handyman and make him the driver/security guy.

Since the job opportunity mentioned that supplying Secure Transportation was a requirement, and as we have mentioned many times in the past Secure Transportation is a phrase and job description that is defined by the IRS. In all fairness, not knowing the scenario, the principal may not need to follow the IRS Secure Transportation guidelines. But the phrase Secure Transportation needs to be used with caution.

You can find an article about secure transportation entitled Exposing Your Client to IRS Audits and Tax Penalties Is Not a Good Career Move on the ISDA Website.

This the Link to the job

Also, we shared our opinion about the topic in one of our Security Driver News Alexa Flash Briefing. Every weekday we share a short audio about secure transportation and executive protection news, headlines, trends, and announcements.

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