Learn to Drive like a Pro by Tony Scotti

Learn to DRIVE LIKE A PROThe text covers basic to advance driving techniques. Readers will learn everything from how to adjust and use the mirrors properly to the downright exciting, like how to handle various kinds of skids braking skids, cornering skids, power skids.

Mastering these skills means learning to operate the vehicle in a manner that will keep you and your passengers safe and secure, but if an emergency develops, you’ll be able to handle it with confidence and skill.

Emergencies covered include such situations as: what to do if a tire blows; how to make adjustments for driving at night; how to handle basic accident situations involving oncoming cars; entering and merging onto highways, cars ahead; what to do if the car starts to hydroplane, if the accelerator sticks, or if the brakes fail; how to figure out safe following distances in varying weather and road conditions, and how to use ABS and non-ABS brakes.

Written in an inviting conversational style and filled with an abundance of easy-access bulleted lists, driving scenarios, photographs, and illustrations, it is a book you can pick up, flip through, and no matter what page you land on find a useful tip or something to really think about.

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