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Counter-Ambush Tactics for Security Professionals

Via ISDA Member Thomas Pecora

As security personnel working in a protective operations role, we are tasked to do everything we can to keep our protectees safe.  By far the best method to accomplish this goal is to adopt a predictive, preventative strategy for protecting clients based on the tenets of Detect, Deter, and Defend. 

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ASIS Executive Protection Standards and Guidelines

Interesting information from ASIS. The ASIS Executive Protection Council has created Executive Protection Standards and Guidelines, which has been submitted to ASIS for review. Also, they will launch at least two Executive Protection Newsletters in 2018.

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Security Driver News Flash Briefing

Introducing the Security Driver News Alexa Flash Briefing. The briefing is available on Amazon Echo, Echo Plus, and Echo Dot devices. Every day, in audio format, we send top secure transportation and executive protection news, headlines, trends, and announcements from the International Security Driver Association and SecurityDriver.Com to our Amazon audience.  Read more about the announcement and how to get the flash briefing enabled on your Echo device. We started the service on April 1st – You can listen to a collection of past Security Driver News Flash Briefings.  This is a list of the briefings. 

  • The Cost of Driving
  • Take Control of Your Facebook Data
  • Security Driver / Handyman / Security Professional
  • Who is Driving Your Executive?
  • The Costs of Executive Protection
  • The Impact of Distracted Driving
  • Chauffeur vs. Security Driver
  • ASIS Executive Protection Standards and Guidelines

EPA Administrator’s Motorcade

As mentioned in one of our Alexa flash briefing, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, reportedly wanted his motorcade to flash its lights and sirens to speed up trips to restaurants and airports.

ICYMI – Misperceptions of Personal Protection

Via ISDA Member Bill Peeler and The Peeler Group

When describing what we do in the protection of people, the first hurdle we often have to overcome is the perception that has been created by outside influences. 

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Why is that car 3 lengths ahead of me inside this tunnel?

From a proactive perspective and preventative mindset, you should always plan your escape route before something goes wrong. Don’t ever get uptight & cozy on the car in front of you; in ANY kind of traffic.

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Your Resume – You Only Get One Shot at a First Impression

From ISDA Member Duke Speed

Your resume is typically the very first glimpse that a potential employer will see of you. Considering that you are just printed words on a sheet of paper at this point, it is critical that your resume (or curricula vitae, if you like) stand out from the resumes of other candidates to make a potential employer want to know more about you.

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Emergency First Aid For Gunshot Wounds

From ISDA member Tom Pecora

If you carry a firearm as part of your job or are a civilian who carries for personal protection, it is imperative that you know what to do to save yourself or others from dying from a survivable gunshot wound.  That means knowing more than just basic first aid.  The following information is also useful for anyone who is one scene in the aftermath of an active shooter attack.

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Tips to Control Your Facebook Privacy and Data

From ISDA Member Larry Snow

In light of the latest Facebook data scandal, here are a few tips on what actions you can take to control your Facebook data. Please note the following are my settings and recommendations based on my experiences and knowledge of Facebook. You may have your own opinion and recommendations based on your experiences.

All of these settings listed in the article can be accessed via mobile or desktop.

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Congratulations to ISDA member Zachary Rugen

He will be speaking at the ASIS/GSX conference in Las Vegas

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The International Security Driver Association (ISDA)

ISDA serves the protective services community.  The ISDA membership is open to all who have an interest in personal protection.

Whether you are exploring a career in executive protection, honing your expertise, or, you are an established security professional, ISDA is your essential resource for continuing education, benchmark research, and online learning programs, all designed to improve your skill set and advance your business.

The ISDA Experience

Education Center The Education Center provides a constant learning environment for members, with subjects specifically designed for the experienced and inexperienced practitioner, with the goal of enhancing a member’s knowledge and marketability.

Marketing We have created a platform for members to use the most powerful and proven marketing tool available: Word-of-Mouth. Members can reach more than 20,000 security practitioners, representing the corporate, high net worth, military, and government communities.

Certification For those members who qualify, ISDA offers Security Driver and Secure Transportation Certifications. The Certification requires the completion of a certification process. The process follows guidelines defined by credentialing organizations that are recognized in all the other industries.

Exclusive Resources Receive access to a selection of exclusive member-only white papers, book giveaways, business data, downloads, checklists and more – plus receive special perks & discounts

Online Learning

Our soon to come library of extensive courses provides training and practical advice on all aspects of secure transportation, security driving, business, and marketing.

On-going Research The business of protection is constantly evolving. To meets the needs of the profession ISDA conducts research on business, executive vehicles, and equipment, apps, salaries, job opportunities and recent attacks on principals.

Member Directory The directory allows our members to connect with their colleagues and peers across the globe. The Directory is actively marketed to over 200 Fortune companies, security personnel for high net worth families and various military/gov. agencies.


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