Nannies Now Being Trained in Counter Terrorism

Larry Snow with the Secure Transportation and Executive Protection News podcast for Monday, May 21st, 2018.

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From CBS News

Nannies Now Being Trained in Counter-Terrorism

For more than a century, Britain’s Norland College has been training professional nannies. But now, in addition to childcare, students are learning about terrorism, security, and how to avoid high-risk situations. Here’s the report from CBS News

From SecurityDriver.Com

Lesser Known Incidents – The Kidnapping of Cindy Crawford

One of the features of the ISDA Knowledge Center is a section titled “Lesser Known Incidents” – There are many unknown or not widely known incidents. Some of the incidents were hardly noticed. There are a significant number of security events that fly under the radar.

In June 1996, Cindy Crawford was kidnapped as she left the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris by an imposter posing as her Chauffeur.

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From PCMagazine.Com

TeenSafe Leaks Thousands of Kids’ Email Addresses and Passwords

From the article

TeenSafe advertises itself as a service allowing parents to monitor what their children are doing on smartphones in order to keep them safe. It does this through the use of an iOS or Android app, which allows parents to view the texts, call logs, web history, and location of a phone. The problem is, TeenSafe didn’t secure its servers or the data it stored properly.

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From NextGov.Com

Google Is Turning Up the Pressure On Sites To Adopt HTTPS

Making sure a website is secure and using HTTPS before conducting any sensitive activity, such as entering in personal information like a Social Security number, is an important part of staying safe online. For Google Chrome users, that is indicated by a green lock symbol in the upper left corner. HTTPS encrypts the data from and to the website. 

Chrome plans to use a bright red icon and a warning in the URL bar saying “Not Secure” to indicate a website’s HTTP status and to warn users to be wary. Right now the indication is gray in color.

Google will make the switch to use these indicators by October. If your website is not HTTPS already I strongly suggest you do so before a big red Not Secure sign is displayed when people visit your website.

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