Lesser Known Incidents – The Kidnapping of Cindy Crawford

One of the features of Security Driver Magazine (SDM) and the ISDA Resource Center is a section titled “Lesser Known Incidents” – There are many unknown or not widely known incidents. Some of the incidents were hardly noticed. There are a significant number of security events that fly under the radar. In each issue of SDM we highlight some of these events, and ask the reader to develop the lessons learned.

In June of 96 Cindy Crawford was kidnapped as she left the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris by an imposter posing as her Chauffeur.

The kidnapper’s accomplice spotted Cindy boarding the Concorde in New York, on her way to Paris for a modeling assignment.

When she landed, the imposter told Cindy her regular driver was sick and he’d been sent to pick her up. After they drove out of the airport, Crawford became suspicious after the car headed the wrong way and she asked to know where they were going,

The chauffeur calmly replied that he wasn’t a chauffeur at all and that she was being kidnapped. When the car slowed, in highway traffic, Crawford leaped out of the vehicle and returned  to the airport where she alerted police.

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