Quick Analysis of EP/Secure Transportation Job Opportunities

In the process of curating job opportunities for our members, we came across this interesting piece of data.

In a 55-day time frame, ISDA posted 110 job opportunities. The metric that struck us was that 38% of the job opportunities were located in California. The numbers indicate that three states represent 54% of the jobs, and 68% were for various types of EP positions, and 19% for Security Drivers. EP and Secure Transportation job opportunities are like any other opportunities in any other profession; they are sensitive to geography.

EP Job Opportunities

These are not jobs for those breaking into the profession; they are all looking for 5 to 10 years of continuous experience.

Also, we noticed that the same companies seem to be looking for EP Agents – so either.

They are expanding their EP capability or,

They cannot find qualified applicants or,

They have a high turn over rate.

Our guess, and it is only a guess, is that it is a combination of the second and third. There is a shortage of qualified applicants and a high turn over rate.

An article of interest – The EP Skills Gap

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