Security Driver Magazine – Issue Four

Security Driver Magazine (SDM) is the Quarterly publication of the International Security Driver Association (ISDA).

SDM Issue 4 The Journal is free to all ISDA Members and is available to non-members for a fee. Complimentary copies of the magazine are sent to key decision makers in the Corporate, High Net Worth, and Military/Government market. The next issue will be available in August

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Articles In this issue

The Economic Justification For Secure Transportation  – An article that looks at the time an executive spends in a vehicle and from that develops the economic logic for Secure Transportation.

Surveillance Detection – Author Ami Toben writes about the need to abolish some misconceptions regarding SD, and to better explain how it can benefit real-world protective details.

 The Suburban ­- Late 2013 we sent a survey to practitioners asking them what types of vehicles they drove in their work environment, from the survey; The Suburban and Mercedes S Class represented approximately 30% of executive vehicles driven. This article looks at the survey numbers that produced some surprising results.

A Forensic Analysis of a Vehicle Ambush – This article looks at the science of a vehicle ambush. Using the information gathered from a video, picture, and dimensions taken from Google Maps, we put together a timeline of what happened seconds prior to the incident, and developed lessons learned.

The Color Code Awareness System – This issue has an article about an awareness system that was originally developed for World War II combat pilots, and adapted for Security Drivers.

 Each issue will have the following columns

An Editorial by Tony Scotti – every issue will have an editorial covering my views on the state of the business. An editorial is defined as an article that gives an opinion on a topical issue. And opinions are something that I have a lot of.

 Did You Know? There are many unknown or not widely known incidents. Each issue of SDM will highlight some of these events. This issue covers the attempted kidnapping of Cindy Crawford.

In The News – This is the age of information overload. Every issue will have a collection of articles, blogs, websites and social media posts that come across the ISDA radar.

 Recommended Books – A section of the magazine devoted to books on subjects varying from driving to business.

Technology News – This issue covers the new Bridgestone’s DriveGuard run flat tire. This new technology solves two problems that made run flats a difficult sell to the Executive Vehicle community. Noise, harsh ride, and cost

 Professional Development – Each issue will have an article on getting your skills to the market – this issue – Your Resume is Not a Piece of Paper Anymore

Future issues will highlight ISDA members – their accomplishments their contributions

This is a link to the three beta test Issues of Security Driver Magazine – They are free of charge


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