What Do You Think?

This is a quote from a post that appeared in a Facebook EP Training Group. Once comments were posted in response, it was quickly removed. The post – “We (the training provider) highly recommend that serious students of EP take the full 3 day VDI course”

Before I move on let me say I know I am prejudice so take out VDI from the quote, and have it read “We (the training provider) highly recommend that serious students of EP take a, fill in the blank, protective driving program.

So – Does this mean if you are “serious” about the EP Profession go to a protective driving program and if you are “not serious” you go to an EP training program? I am sure that assumption was not intended, but that is what I get from the post and if anyone is interested my answer is YES.

In my opinion – Protective Driving – Surveillance Detection – Medical Training – Route Advances are the top training skills one needs to acquire. AND THEY NEED TO BE STAND ALONE PROGRAMS.

Want do you think?

Comments on What Do You Think?

  1. Matt Parker says:

    I have always believed each specific skillset should be a separate module of training. Surveillance detection, driving, medical, use of force and the basic introduction to EP are specific training programs with very specific standards of training.
    When offered together for example our program is 28 days long. But for the EP professional or new student who has 28 days to attend training and the cost is often prohibitive as well.
    Intensive and focused training by specialization or topic we have found is the best method for the students and for our program.

  2. Bob Reyes says:

    PD,SD,MT and RA is the way to train/start in this business, after that everything else falls into place. Don’t forget, if something is going to happen it will likely happen while the principal is in transit.

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