The Bremer Detail: Protecting the Most Threatened Man in the World

Frank CoverFrank Gallagher’s book, “The Bremer Detail: Protecting the Most Threatened Man in the World

The book is co – authored with John M. Del Vecchio.

We are proud to say that Frank is an International Security Driver Association’s (ISDA) Member.

An overview

In May 2003 President George W. Bush appointed Paul Bremer as presidential envoy to Iraq. Bremer banned the Ba’ath party and dismantled the Iraqi army, which made him the prime target for dozens of insurgent and terrorist groups. Assigned to protect him during his grueling sixteen-hour days were Blackwater security expert Frank Gallagher and a team of former Marines, SEALs, and other defense professionals. When they arrived, Baghdad was set to explode. As the insurgency gathered strength Bremer and the men who guarded him faced death daily. They were not in the military, but Gallagher and his team were on the front lines of the Iraq War. This fascinating memoir takes the reader deep behind the scenes of a highly dangerous profession….

This is a quote from Former Presidential Envoy to Iraq, L. Paul Bremer III

”Frank Gallagher has captured all the drama and difficulties of operating in a violent war zone, post-Saddam Iraq. On a number of occasions, some of them revealed in this book, Gallagher and his team literally saved lives–mine and others–through their quick and professional reactions to danger.”

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