Carjackings Skyrocketing

Carjackings are a crime of great concern to all Security Drivers and Secure Transportation Providers. Unlike auto theft, carjacking involves violent confrontation with an offender or the perceived threat of violence that could cause death or serious bodily injury. 

Carjacking is another answer to the question – “Why do I need a Security Driver.”

Some of the most significant increases in carjacking trends between 2019 and 2021. Several major cities have experienced triple-digit increases in carjackings — the highest escalations in the nation. For example, carjackings in New York City rose 286%, Philadelphia saw a 238% increase, Chicago a 207%, and Washington, D.C, a 200% increase.

Below are two Executive Protection and Secure Transportation podcast episodes concerning the problems of Carjacking. We have added a link to download the International Security Driver Association booklet Three Seconds to Safety – Surge of Carjacking.

Podcast Episode 163 – Dramatic Increase in Carjackings

Podcast Episode 199 – Carjackings Becoming One of The top Crimes
The number of carjacking incidents reported by the Department of Justice is about 49,000 annually.  In some locations in the U.S., the number of Carjackings is becoming an epidemic – it can happen to anyone anywhere and anytime. 

Three Seconds to Safety – Surge of Carjacking
This booklet covering Carjacking was written in the late 1980s by Tony Scotti. It includes how to avoid vehicle attacks, specifically Carjacking.

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