Lesser Known Incidents – Incident One – Harvey Weinstein Kidnapping

There are many unknown or not widely known incidents that had a major impact on the business. Each month we will review an incident and develop a Lessons Learned from them.

Incident One

NEW YORK – In 1993 Harvey Weinstein, the chief executive of the largest U.S. manufacturer of tuxedos was recovered unharmed from a 12-day stay in a 14-foot hole. An employee of Weinstein’s firm – arrested after Weinstein’s recovery Monday, was responsible for the kidnaping.  Weinstein, founder and head of Lord West Inc., was reported in good condition despite his ordeal and was released from a hospital after a three-hour checkup.   

He was rescued from his underground prison in a railroad yard excavation site near the Hudson River. He said his captors gave him only fruit and water but that he felt “great.”     Weinstein disappeared Aug. 4 after having breakfast in a diner near the Lord West firm. His family received pictures and tape recordings of him in captivity in which he urged his family to pay $3 million ransom.     There were 50 telephone conversations with the kidnappers before the money was paid. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said a ransom drop was made and police learned the “general area” where Weinstein was imprisoned. They found him when they heard him call, “Here I am. Here I am.”   

  Arrested shortly after they picked up the money were Fermin Rodriguez, 38, a sewing machine operator at Weinstein’s firm, and Francisco Antonio Rodriguez, 30, his brother. They were to be charged with kidnapping later Tuesday.     The ransom was recovered in Francisco Rodriguez’s apartment, police said.     Officials said they were mystified why Fermnin Rodriguez kidnapped his boss, who was well-liked by his employees. Rodriguez had not been having any problems at work, they said. “Maybe he just figured he could make a lot of money,” a police officer said.

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