Recommended Driving Related Books

Professional Driving Techniques for the Professional and Non-Professional

driving-techniques bookWhether you drive for a living or live to drive, or drive just to get yourself around, safe driving means being aware of situations that cause accidents or injuries and knowing what you can do to avoid or prevent them. This book walks you step-by-step through the intricacies of the driving system – the driver, the vehicle, and the driving environment.

You’ll learn how to keep your vehicle – and its driver – in optimum condition. You’ll also learn how to maintain vehicle control in both everyday and emergency situations in a variety of road and weather conditions.

The text covers the mind-body driving connection, vision and space, vehicle dynamics, maintaining traction, braking skids, power skids, steering and G-forces, curves and cornering at speed, stopping distances, braking control, non-ABS and ABS techniques, turning, passing, what causes accidents and how to deal with them, tips that could save lives, foul weather driving, night driving, and road rage.  Purchase the book on Amazon. Note: This is not a Security Driving book.

ISDA Certification Study Guide

Security Driver Certification GuideThe ISDA offers certifications in security driving/secure transportation, along with a non-certification membership. The certification processes require a test of knowledge and skill combined with experience in the industry. All ISDA certification candidates must successfully complete a study program followed by a test of their knowledge. The material in the Security Driver Certification Study Guide was developed to assist candidates taking the knowledge test. It is simply a reference for those that apply for certification.
This is the table of contents.

• Introduction to Security Driving
• Kill Zone Theory
• Introduction to Surveillance Detection
• Ambush Book
• Introduction to Executive Vehicles
• Handling – Cornering and Security Driving
• Armored Vehicles
• Ballistic Standards and Testing
• Driving an Armored Car

Purchase the Security Driver Certification Guide eBook at ISDACenter.Org

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