Executive Protection and Security Driver Salaries

In the process of conducting research on Executive Protection and Security Driver Salaries for our members, we found some interesting numbers. ISDA looked at 75 EP and Security Driver job opportunities and found the average salary to be $36 per hour ($77,880 per year) and $99,493 annual salary.

Our experience tells us that a considerable amount of overtime can increase the hourly employee’s salary to a significant yearly wage.

We often hear that the EP Security Driver business is growing.

There are no hard metrics or data that point to that being true. Some anecdotal articles mention that the business is growing, but most don’t offer data to support their comments. Also, growing in what sector of the profession? We believe articles refer to the Corporate and High Net Worth sector of the profession.

What is also not mentioned is that most job offers come from a few geographical locations.

What we found interesting is the jobs offered are primarily available from the same area of the country – 54.76% of the jobs offered were from California. Approximately 15% are from New York. Other states were Florida- Illinois- Massachusetts – Montana – Nevada – NH — Oregon.

The jobs came from 14 states, or 18.7% of the US.

Also, approximately 70% of all Executive Protection and security driver offers came from California and New York.

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