Leading Security Training Providers Teaming Up to Provide Exceptional Value

LaSorsa & Associates, an industry leader in executive protection training, recently announced that they will be partnering with Vehicle Dynamics Institute (VDI), the global leader in specialized driver training, to provide those who matter the most – their students and clients – even greater training value from their standardized and custom executive protection training courses.

With this strategic alliance, clients and students of each of these leading-edge training providers stand to reap the benefits. Beginning with the upcoming LaSorsa & Associates nine-day Executive Protection Program, which kicks off on October 20 in Miami, FL, VDI shall provide their highly acclaimed three-day Protective/Evasive Driving course as the driver training component of this comprehensive course. Along with the certificates, LaSorsa & Associates awards for the various components of the course, students who complete the Protective/Evasive Driving component will be presented with a separate certificate of completion from VDI, further enhancing the value this course offers to students.

Professional practitioners, as well as up-and-comers and newcomers to the profession, will also benefit from the fact that Joe LaSorsa and his team of professional instructors and practitioners will be collaborating with the team at Vehicle Dynamics Institute on the continuing evolution of VDI’s current EP-related such as their Best Practices for the Solo Practitioner and Surveillance Detection Tactics and Techniques courses. Additionally, clients with specific training needs will benefit from the opportunity to have the VDI and LSA teams collaborate on the design, development, and delivery of custom training solutions that meet their particular goals and objectives.

When asked what it took to bring these two highly respected training providers together Joe Autera, President & CEO of VDI noted “much like our predecessor the Scotti School, VDI has always been willing to explore opportunities to partner with other training providers as a means of increasing the value students receive from training. However, our experience is that there often is a disconnect between what other training providers claim they are willing and able to do versus what they are actually willing or able to do when it comes to providing that value.

So, after being invited to collaborate with Joe LaSorsa and his team at LaSorsa & Associates on a number of custom training programs over the past several months, we were quite pleasantly surprised to see firsthand that we shared a simple philosophy that places emphasis on ensuring that every student realizes meaningful and sustainable value from the training they choose to participate in. When coupled with just how effortlessly our respective instructors were able to integrate into a cohesive training team, it was obvious that it wasn’t a question of whether or not it made sense to explore future opportunities to work together, it was simply a matter of formalizing our mutual dedication and commitment to continue providing our respective students and clients exceptional training value. Quite honestly, once we reached that point it really just came down to Joe and I carving time out of our schedules to iron out the details.”

For more information on LaSorsa & Associate’s nine-day, comprehensive Executive Protection Training program, as well as other training opportunities they offer, visit LaSorsa & Associates website.

For additional information on courses offered by Vehicle Dynamics Institute, to include dates for when their Protective/Evasive Driving training will be offered in conjunction with LaSorsa & Associates courses, visit www.vehicledynamics.com

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