EPST Magazine – September 2020 Issue

The September Issue of the Executive Protection and Secure Transportation Magazine

In this Issue

Security Driving Algorithm and Training
Executive vehicles are changing. All Executive Vehicles are equipped with Electronic Stability Control (ESC); therefore, we need to examine the challenges that vehicles equipped with ESC create for Secure Transportation, Protective Driver Training, and the Security Driver, and it should go without saying, but students must be trained in vehicles that are equipped with ESC.

  • Security Driving Algorithm and Trainingby Tony Scotti
  • Unraveling the Independent Contractor vs Employee Controversy for Executive Protection Professionals and Protection Driversby ISDA member Jerry Heying
  • The Joystick-Driverby ISDA member Roland J. Vargoega, PPS (also available in Spanish) 
  • The Science of Driver Training – Part IIby ISDA member Joe Autera
  • Why Social Media is Important to Your EP Businessby Lawrence Snow
  • What does advanced defensive driving have to do with being a security driver you may ask?by ISDA member Glen Edmunds
  • What goes into the materials and process of armoring a vehicle?, by ISDA member Mark Caldwell

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