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DeniThere is a lot of talk about changing the industry – moving forward – etc. IMHO, At ISDA we are all for change if the change is for the better and there is a vision of what those changes will be and a plan for executing that vision. Thomas Edison said it best “Vision without execution is hallucination.”

This is a recent Facebook post from ISDA Member Deni Zinxhiria:

“Someone asked me today why I share other companies training courses, services or articles since most of them are my ”competitors”?

This question and the rationale behind the question got me thinking. First of all, those who are connected with me on social platforms are mostly people I highly respect and admire their work.

And it is my honor for me and my company to be affiliated with them. Secondly, if I see you are doing a great work, no matter who you are I will always admire your work and share what you have done with the rest of my network. I have been ”advised” from some people to stop writing articles and sharing knowledge for free since some (same people who are suggesting me to stop doing it) are trying to sell that information in their courses…

For those who are claiming that the industry is suffering from low standards, I have some news for you. We will never improve the industry if we only look into our own pockets, profit or reputation. It is a team effort. If I am going to work with anyone of you tomorrow in a detail ill pray to God you are as good as you can be because you will not be having only my client’s back but you will also have mine, and that also applies from me to you. If you can’t get this concept, you are in the wrong profession.”

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