Why You’ll Be Using a Fingerprint to Start Your Vehicle Soon

Secure Transportation and Executive Protection News Podcast for Wednesday, September 26th, 2018

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In Driving News

From USA Today

Most drivers don’t understand limitations of car safety systems, AAA study finds

Most drivers don’t understand the limitations of advanced safety technology installed on new vehicles, according to a new study by AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

The study indicates that drivers overestimate the capabilities of features such as blind-spot monitoring systems, automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control.



In Vehicle News

From the Chicago Sun Times

Why you’ll be using a fingerprint to start your car soon

With many key fobs vulnerable to hacking unless they are, say, wrapped with aluminum foil, security experts say carmakers will soon require fingerprinting.

Fingerprints are required to cash checks at the bank. Fingerprints are used to access mobile phones. Cars are next. Not just to open the door, but to start the engine. 



In Cyber Technology News

From 9 to 5 Mac

Apple removes conspiracy sites & other fake news from ‘Siri Suggested Websites’ in Safari

A new report from BuzzFeed News highlights how the “Siri Suggested Websites” feature in Safari can surface “debunked conspiracies, shock videos, and false information.” Essentially, when users would type things such as “QAnon” or “Pizzagate” into the Safari search bar, the browser would suggest related “low-quality information.”

The Siri Suggested Websites feature in Safari surfaces content from websites such as YouTube and Wikipedia based on the search term being typed into the search bar.


And from Next Gov

Google Introduces Data Privacy Framework Ahead of Senate Hearing

Google has a lot of thoughts regarding privacy, so the company on Monday released a framework detailing its ideas about data protection.

The tech giant released the document ahead of an upcoming Senate hearing where Google will face questions, CNET reports.

The suggestions in the framework focus on giving users control over how their personal information is used as well as holding organizations accountable for compliance.



In Training News

From the LaSorsa & Associates and Tony Scotti’s Vehicle Dynamics Institute

Leading Security Training Providers Teaming Up to Provide Exceptional Value

LaSorsa & Associates, an industry leader in executive protection training, recently announced that they will be partnering with Tony Scotti’s Vehicle Dynamics Institute (VDI), the global leader in specialized driver training, to provide those who matter the most – their students and clients – even greater training value from their standardized and custom executive protection training courses.

With this strategic alliance, clients and students of each of these leading edge training providers stand to reap the benefits. Beginning with the upcoming LaSorsa & Associates nine day Executive Protection Program, which kicks off on October 20 in Miami, FL, VDI shall provide their highly acclaimed three day Protective/Evasive Driving course as the driver training component of this comprehensive course. Along with the certificates, LaSorsa & Associates awards for the various components of the course, students who complete the Protective/Evasive Driving component will be presented with a separate certificate of completion from VDI, further enhancing the value this course offers to students.

Professional practitioners as well as up-and-comers and newcomers to the profession will also benefit from the fact that Joe LaSorsa and his team of professional instructors and practitioners will be collaborating with the team at Tony Scotti’s Vehicle Dynamics on the continuing evolution of VDI’s current EP-related such as their Best Practices for the Solo Practitioner and Surveillance Detection Tactics and Techniques courses. Additionally, clients with specific training needs will benefit from the opportunity to have the VDI and LSA teams collaborate on the design, development, and delivery of custom training solutions that meet their particular goals and objectives.

For more information on LaSorsa & Associates nine-day, comprehensive Executive Protection Training program, as well as other training opportunities they offer, visit www.lasorsa.com

For additional information on courses offered by Tony Scotti’s Vehicle Dynamics Institute, to include dates for when their Protective/Evasive Driving training will be offered in conjunction with LaSorsa & Associates courses, visit www.vehicledynamics.com 


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