Books about the Science of Driving

We have been writing and talking about the Science of Driving for decades. When I am asked if there are any books that explain the basics of the science of driving, I recommend these six books and a YouTube Channel.

The Isaac Newton School of Driving: Physics and Your Car

Auto Math Handbook

Fast Car Physics

Road & Track Illustrated Automotive Dictionary
Contains over 1,300 definitions and 437 photographs and illustrations.

Bosch Automotive Handbook – All about automotive engineering in a pocketbook
This book has been my guide for decades. The first incarnation of the Automotive
Handbook was published in 1932 by Robert Bosch GmbH. The book is considered to be
an indispensable reference source of precise information on the subject of automotive

Physics for Gearheads
An Introduction to Vehicle Dynamics, Energy, and Power with Examples from

Bentley Publishers
If you have an interest in cars, especially working on cars, I recommend taking a look at
the Bentley Publishers website

Engineering Explained YouTube Channel
This is the best source of information covering both cars and driving. The book
demystifies automotive engineering principles for a lay audience, with three million

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