ISDA Member Spotlight – Jeff Saupp

Jeff Saupp has over 25 years of experience protecting persons and assets across a broad range of industries.  Mr. Saupp received his Corporate Protection Specialist certification from the Institute of Security & Technology (Upper Darby) in 1991 and soon after was employed to protect an Engineer with the Vitro Corp. and a Bodyguard/Driver for a nightclub owner in Philadelphia.

Jeff began working for Vance International Executive Protection in 1995 and last deployed with the firm in 2005. In addition to IST and Vance Int’l, Mr. Saupp has received training from federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies and is a 2000 graduate of the U.S. Army’s Protective Services course.

Having provided personal security for executives with Caterpillar, FMC, the Royal Saudi Family, Northwest Airlines, British Petroleum, the World President’s Organization, a Federal Witness, actors, and others, Mr. Saupp has also protected the Dead Sea Scrolls, works of art and other high-end or sensitive physical assets.

He has held Security Directorship-level positions with several museums and entertainment venues and has been appointed as Security Project Manager for operations with ABC World News, post-hurricane Disaster Security Operations, the Deepwater Horizon oil incident and was selected during contract negotiations to direct security for Super Bowl XLI and the George W. Bush Presidential Center.

Mr. Saupp has worked in and ultimately served leadership positions in all three sides of the Public Safety “Triad”: Firefighting, Emergency Medical Services, and Law Enforcement, most recently as Deputy Chief of Police for a distant suburb of Dallas, Texas. After training with Special Emergency Training Services (S.E.T.S.) and the FBI National Academy in 1993 (as a Tactical Medical Specialist) Mr. Saupp has worked on and served as an instructor for various Law Enforcement, military, and two private sector Tactical Units, and has instructed Evasive/Counter-ambush Driving, Special Response Operations and Maritime Security. He first joined the National Protective Services (now Institute) team as an Instructor in 2002 and is currently pursuing his Certified Protection Professional (CPP).

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