ISDA Member Spotlight – Michael Smith

As an executive protection specialist, Mike has worked with multiple Fortune CEOs over the course of 13 years. He is currently in his 10th year with his current principal (A CEO of a Fortune Company) and is the Manager of Executive Protection for the company.

For the majority of his current position, he travels hundreds of days a year both domestically and internationally. He was tasked to secure vetted protection resources worldwide at any location the company has a presence, which has created a worldwide network. Through this massive network of vetted resources, he has started his own consulting company, Titanium Black Executive Solutions. They currently employ practitioners working around the world in multiple capacities. Titanium Black Executive Solutions offer a wide range of services to ensure a principal’s safety in every way possible. They are aligned with assets and resources around the world to support any circumstances the client may encounter.”

Article authored by Mike

Don’t Second Guess Yourself: Decision Making

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Titanium Black Executive Solutions

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