Secure Transportation News for October 2021

Fall Driving Safety Tips

As we near peak fall colors in Boston and at the tail end of a wet and windy nor’easter, we want to remind you of the dangers of leaves on the roads.

Wet leaves can increase the stopping distance of your vehicle due to the wax coating on fallen leaves, which causes leaves to repel water or slide on the surface of the road. This creates conditions of poor traction, just like in ice or snow, the leaves can cause your wheels to lose traction and slip even after you’ve braked.

Leaves also can obscure traffic lines and other pavement markings, making driving in unfamiliar areas particularly difficult.

Here are a few fall driving tips

  • Increase your following distance when in an area with wet leaves on the road
  • Check your tires tread depth, shallow tread grooves make it harder to control the vehicle in wet weather
  • When driving in bad weather the best advice is to slow down
  • On frosty mornings, pay attention to shaded areas on roadways where icy spots can form.

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