Episode 157 – Vehicle Dynamics and Training

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This week, the topic is Vehicle Dynamics. Click the play button and enjoy the podcast!

Vehicle Dynamics are two words you often see mentioned in training curriculums, RFP’s and on websites. There seems to be a misunderstanding of exactly what the phrase means and how vehicle dynamics affect security driving, secure transportation, and protective driver training. For example, many training programs include “vehicle dynamics exercises. In fact, Vehicle Dynamics is not just “an exercise”; it is the foundation of any driver training program. Especially a protective driver training program. 

Whether driving down the highway, around corners or trying to navigate out of a potentially dangerous scenario, the vehicle driver combination must operate within the laws of physics and specifically within Sir Isaac Newton’s three laws of motion. 

Understanding vehicle dynamics creates the platform for a standard for one of the most important aspects of executive protection – secure transportation.

It is ISDA’s opinion that many training providers take liberty with the phrase Vehicle Dynamics. This opinion is not a criticism but an observation.

Vehicle Dynamics is a scientific and objective approach to Secure Transportation, Security Driving, and Training.

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If you’d like to learn more about vehicle dynamics and the science of driver training, we suggest that you review VDI’s Joe Autera series “The Science of Driver Training” Part’s One, Two, and Three. 

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