The ESK Career Success Triangle, Planning for a Career in Protective Services

We have all talked about this; for many, finding a career path or advancing a career is the most challenging tasks they face. We have also talked at length and ad nauseam about training providers that will use your desire and passion to sell training that has no market value.

No matter what is said by whom, to succeed in the Protective Services profession, you need to gain career capital by collecting marketable experience, skills, and knowledge (ESK).

ESK career success triangle isdaInstead of just talking about the career path to success, the International Security Driver Association (ISDA) and their members have created three documents outlining that path. The documents are – the ESK Triangle, the ISDA Roadmap (ISDA members only), and the ISDA Roadmap Checklist.

The ISDA ESK Triangle

The ISDA ESK Triangle represents the three critical elements needed to reach your goals – Experience – Skills, and Knowledge. To be successful at just about anything, you have to have all three corners of the triangle. If you’re missing any one of these, it will be harder to reach your goals. Those who do not succeed in their profession or do not achieve their goals fail because one of the pieces of the triangle was missing, was not marketable or was the wrong ESK for the intended goal.

You will have a better chance of building a strong ESK and achieving success if you have someone who can help you navigate the three sections of the ESK Triangle – a mentor. Many of the ISDA Members have a long history of successfully acquiring the three sides of the triangle and have demonstrated a willingness to share their experience for the benefit of the others.

When you have gained your career capital (ESK), you need to get your ESK to the marketplace. Once in the marketplace, you need to manage your brand.

The ISDA Protective Services Roadmap

Using the ESK Triangle as a template, ISDA and their members have created a Protective Services Roadmap to success. A roadmap shows a destination, or one’s goals, and the practical steps necessary to get to the desired destination. ISDA Members have traveled down this road before and know where all the potholes are, and they are willing to share their experience; they share with you the painful and expensive life lessons they have learned, with no profit motive or ego involved.

Protective Services Roadmap Checklist

From the Roadmap, ISDA created the Protective Services Roadmap Checklist. The Checklist is available to non-members and members. There are 19 checkpoints separated into three stages:

  • Planning for your Success
  • Growing your Success
  • Managing and Enhancing your Success

Supporting the Checklist is 38 online and downloadable documents.

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