Left of Bang – co-authored by ISDA member Patrick Van Horne

left-of-bang-coverThe book is based on Patrick’s training as a Marine. The title of the book, Left of Bang, comes from the Marines Combat Hunter Course. In 2007 the Marine Corps War – Fighting Lab was tasked with creating a training program that gave the Marines the ability to realize an attack was imminent. The lexicon was to get Marines to “Left of Bang.”

The term comes from thinking about an attack as a timeline. Bang is the act, an IED explosion, a sniper taking a shot, an ambush. Bang is what we are trying to prevent. Being left of the bang means that a person has observed one of the pre-incident indicators. A warning sign that occurred before the bang. Right of the bang you are reacting to the incident, being left of the bang means beating the event.

“Left of Bang” is a must read for all those in the profession.

Book reviews

“It’s better to detect sinister intentions early than to respond to violent actions late”. Written in a clear, crisp manner Patrick Van Horne and Jason A Riley.

-Gavin De Becker

“Applying Lessons Learned in the longest war in American History, and building on the seminal works like The Gift of Fear, and On Combat”

-Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, U.S. Army Ret.

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